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Jana Smith

“CU will make it super easy to organize events. Can't wait for their App!”

Jana Smith (TEDx Speaker)

Discover the greatest events

Find the most exclusive events all around the globe. Get a ticket and start meeting new & interesting people.

<span>Discover the greatest events</span>

Host events in minutes

Don't worry about the drinks, locations or about booking a DJ, everything you need is provided by the app.

<span>Host events in minutes</span>

Free Ticketing Solutions

Great events need great solutions. That's why event organizers use our ticketing solution for free.

<span>Free Ticketing Solutions</span>

"I didn't know that organizing events could be so easy until I discovered CU. It's a game-changer!"

Lilly Clark
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“Great events need great solutions. That's why we are offering our ticketing software completely free of charge. Register via the contact form and tell us which event you are organizing” - Christian Lenz (CEO & Founder)

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